Network Support

Networks are the backbone of any company’s IT infrastructure. Their design and efficiency is essential to the speed and reliability of all IT-dependent business functions, from HR to sales and marketing - so pretty much everything.

Evolvit has been designing and building networks for Bristol businesses for many years. We have seen how quickly the technology behind networks evolves, and we know how important it is to have a network that can adapt as your business grows.

Our Bristol network support service includes the following services:

Network design & installation

Setting up a business network for your company isn’t just a case of wiring PCs together. Network design means putting together a plan that considers your current and future business requirements. This includes the need to scale up or down, your budget, building architecture and existing Internet and data points.

When it comes to server installation, factors such as cooling and ambient room temperature will come into play. Once we have identified your requirements, we will put together a comprehensive network design that meets your needs.

Designing an optimum network may involve incorporating and modifying an existing network infrastructure. This can keep costs down and your disruption to a minimum.

Hardware setup & installation

A wide range of hardware is involved in setting up a functioning business network, including; patch panels, server cabinets, CAT5e, CAT6 and telephone cabling, printers, wireless network adapters, data storage devices and the PCs and laptops themselves.

Installation and hardware setup is essential if you are to minimise disruption to your business. Therefore it pays to work with professionals who can make sure you hit the ground running. As well as utilising existing hardware, we can recommend new hardware in order for you to take full advantage of your newly networked office.

Wired networks

As powerful as wireless is these days, there is no substitute for wired networks when it comes to business grade functionality and reliability. CAT5e, CAT6 Ethernet cabling ensures robust and reliable network-wide performance.

Wired networks mean faster speeds and lower latency compared to Wi-Fi. They also don’t suffer from the signal interference caused by obstructions such as walls and cabinets. When you connect to a wired network you know you’re getting the fastest speeds possible. And when performance is everything, this really can make all the difference.

Wireless networks

Wi-Fi has come on in leaps and bounds since the technology first emerged. Wireless networks are not only reliable, but they are easier to setup and install than wired networks.

Wireless networks can be set up as Local Area Networks (LAN) but these can also connect to Wide Area Networks (WAN), allowing you to connect multiple offices together, wherever they are situated.

Wireless networks allow you to connect PCs, laptops, smartphones and other Internet-capable devices to the network with ease. This is perfect if you require Internet access outside or in buildings where there is no existing cable network.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Virtual Private Networks allow you to create a private network which extends across a public network such as the Internet itself. This has several advantages in terms of access, functionality, security and network management.

For example, a VPN will allow employees with the right security credentials to connect to your private intranet from any Internet capable device. This is perfect for home working, as it allows remote desktop access. Therefore staff can access systems and data without needing it to be installed locally on the machine they’re using.

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