How to setup Iphone/IPod Touch for Exchange Emails

In order to setup your Iphone/IPod Touch to access your Microsoft Exchange Mailbox, please follow the instructions below. Please also note that instructions maybe slightly different based upon your software version of the Iphone or IPod Touch.

1. Select Settings from the home screen

Apple IPhone 1

2. Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars from the Settings screen

Apple IPhone 2

3. Select Add Account on the Mail, Contacts, Calendars screen

Apple IPhone 3

4. Select Microsoft Exchange on the Add Account screen

Apple IPhone 4

5. On the configuration page:
a). Enter your Email address (e.g
b). Enter your Username with the domain name of the network (e.g. testing\testuser)
c). Enter your Password
d). Enter a Description (the default is your e-mail address, but it can be changed)

Apple IPhone 5

** Please note this may be different if you are using a newer version of the Iphone/IPod Touch. You may see a separate “domain” box. If this is the case enter the domain name of the network in this box rather than adding in front of the username (e.g. Domain:  Testing, Username: Testuser) **

6. When your configuration settings are accepted, choose to sync Mail, Contacts, and Calendar

Apple IPhone 6

7. Click Save and your Iphone/IPod is set up

When you receive a new message, the Mail icon on the home screen will have a small number on its corner, indicating you have new messages.

Apple IPhone 1

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