How to add a network printer

Adding a network shared printer to your printer list:

1. Go to Start > Control Panel > Printers and Faxes or Go to Start > Printers and Faxes (depending on how your start menu is setup)

2. Click on the Add a Printer shortcut at the top left side.

Network Printer Setup 1

3. You will then see the Welcome to the Add Printer Wizard window. Click next.

Network Printer Setup 2

4. At the Local or Network Printer window select the radio button: “A network printer, or a printer attached to another computer” and Click Next.

Network Printer Setup 3

5. At the Specify a Printer window select the radio button: “Find a printer in the directory” and Click Next.

Network Printer Setup 4

6. At the Find Printers window ensure that in the "In:" box "Entire directory" is displayed. If this is not displayed in the drop down box simply click the box and select this option. When ready click on "find now".

Network Printer Setup 5

7. A list of networked shared printers will now be listed. Click the printer you wish to add (this will become highlighted) and click Ok.

Network Printer Setup 6

8. At the next window you will be asked if you would like this printer to be your default printer. This means by default any documents sent to print will be printed on this printer. Select Yes or No and Click Next.

Network Printer Setup 7

9. You will then see a summary of the settings you chose for the printer you are adding. If you need to change the Option to make this printer a Default Printer (This is the only option you can change at this point.), click the Back button, otherwise, click Finish.

Network Printer Setup 8

10. The printer that you have selected to add will now be displayed in the printer and faxes window. The printer is now ready for use.

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