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What’s your Bristol business' disaster recovery plan?

If you’re reading this it’s probably safe to say that IT, data and computer processes of all kinds are critical to the successful running of your business. Most of the time these processes run quite happily, with server lights flashing silently in the background, providing all the support and resource you need to go about your business. Things do go wrong, though. Often it’s something minor that puts you offline for a few minutes or so. It’s annoying when it happens and is probably costing you money, but it’s usually easily fixed.

Migration of In-House Microsoft Exchange Server to Hosted Exchange Platform

If you have an on-premise or in-house Exchange server and are wanting to move to a hosted Exchange platform such as Microsoft's 365 offering then you may well be extremely nervous. Common concerns that we have encountered range from losing emails, downtime, migration methods and of course time to do it all.

What is VoIP and what could it do for your Bristol business?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Many people haven't heard of it, but for business owners, it could transform the way you work. Essentially it's an internet telephone service, and by utilising your internet connection for phone communication, you can access features and services not available through traditional telephone packages.

What is CRM and How Could It Benefit Your Business?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a pillar of doing great business. CRM refers to the tools, practices and strategies that a company puts in place to keep track of customer interactions. By managing these interactions and analysing data, CRM systems are intended to improve business-customer relationships, maintain customer retention and encourage sales growth. It’s easy to see why these goals would appeal to business owners who want their business to always be improving. But does CRM really work? 

What Happens To Your Stolen Data?

Data is simply information in a raw format that can be used to create usable information. It can be in the form of facts, numbers, symbols or text that can be easily processed by a computer. These days organisations gather information like gender, age and health to determine how to best cater for their customers. It’s a form of translated information, which then becomes easy to transfer. This is a growing trend, which allows data to be placed on databases.

Your Guide To Working From Home

Working from home naturally brings up many things requiring consideration from a technical support and security point of view. Whether it’s making sure you have a good enough internet connection to be able to do your work and keep in touch with your employer and colleagues, choosing the right software for managing projects and communication or dealing with security issues, there is a lot to consider.