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How Bristol is Driving Innovative Tech Growth

Bristol’s burgeoning tech industry unsurprisingly earned the city its reputation as one of the top technology hubs in the UK. In fact, the city is leading the way in the country’s digital tech ecosystem, as it now has the highest turnover per worker (£269,000 on average) for the second year in a row—outranking Reading (£247,000) and London (£200,000).

5 Essential IT Management Strategies

From phone calls, emails, to cloud storage, technology has become an increasingly important cog in the business engine. Too often, in our experience, business owners fall into the trap of upgrading to whichever technology is in vogue without proper assessment of the risks involved. If the success of your business relies heavily on your IT infrastructure’s performance, then you need to create a more solid backbone for your operations. Without proper management, technology would backfire and hold you back from success.

Bristol, The Smarter City

When it comes to a trophy collection, Bristol’s cabinets must be near collapse. After spending the last half a decade scooping up numerous awards and grants, from the European Green Capital in 2015 to the Best City to Live in the United Kingdom in 2014, the South West’s biggest city shows no sign of losing its lucky hand.

How To Fix A Faulty Internet Connection

These days, a reliable internet connection has become vital in making sure that business engines run smoothly. Collective groans often ensue from employees and owners alike when the internet suddenly goes out. Deadlines are going to be missed, tasks go uncompleted, emails are delayed, and outputs are put on hold. In fact, UK businesses lost £7 billion to internet outages in 2016, accounting for lost productivity and extra overtime.

How to Prevent Data Loss in Your Business

Data is becoming the fuel of businesses today, with organisations relying on digital services, e-commerce, cloud storage, as well as the use of various devices in the office. As such, data loss is a risk business owners constantly face, especially in light of recent malware attacks that hit multiple UK businesses.

How To Prevent A Malware Attack On Your Business

It’s a busy year for cybercrime.

How to Rescue Your Browser From Being Hijacked

What is Browser Hijacking? Browser hijacking, at it’s best is simply a nuisance, but at its worst, can be a real danger to your personal, specifically financial, security. Browser hijacking is essentially when an insidious software programme forcibly modifies a user’s web browser, in order to redirect their browser to a specified location, preventing you from reaching your intended destination and to force hits and generate advertising revenue.

How to Set Up an IT Infrastructure For Your Small Business

An IT infrastructure is comprised of all the components that play a role in all IT or IT enabled functions - which, in business these days is pretty much everything - including all composite hardware, software, services and network resources required for the operational practices of an business focused IT environment.

Why your emails are bouncing back and how to solve it

We’ve all been there before, you’ve spent an age crafting out the perfect email campaign only to receive that dreaded notification within minutes of sending it out into the wild. Whichever synonym it has arrived by this time, ‘failed, bounced, rejected’, receiving an email with those overly negative subject lines can be disheartening and confusing - especially when you’ve no idea what you did wrong in the first place. Worse, even when a reason for your email bouncing back is provided, it is often an unintelligible block of tech speak.