We are proud of the strong relationships we have with our customers, below are just a few of the good comments we continue to receive about the work we do.

Many thanks for turning this around quickly for me. 

5th September 2018

Nice one mate!!

23rd August 2018

Thanks for the quick response

23rd August 2018

Tested and works now! Thank you for sorting so quickly!

23rd August 2018

I just wanted to pass some feedback on for Thom if that’s okay! 

Thom has been fantastic in assisting me with moving us to office 365 and hosted exchange as well as a whole host of other things in between. It’s not the first time he’s responded to emails late into the evening and gone out of his way to send me a quick text to check things are going smoothly even later than that. All with the same personable and friendly approach and without any unwavering enthusiasm or frustration at my sometimes stupid questions! He’s great at what he does and also an all round great guy so big thanks to him!

20th August 2018

That was quick - thank you very much. Have a nice weekend

17th August 2018

Thanks, I have learnt something new today :) 

16th August 2018

This is perfect thanks for changing for us :)

19th July 2018

We love it Thank you :)

19th July 2018

Just wanted to say it has been an absolute pleasure working with David today what a lovely gentleman!

He was very efficient he was complete late afternoon and went around to meet everyone and see if anyone had any other issues we had not been told about so just wanted you to know.

18th July 2018

All working perfectly many thanks

11th July 2018

Nice one mate!!

22nd June 2018

I just wanted to let you guys know that I will be moving on at the end of June. There will no doubt be someone else taking my place, but I just wanted to drop a quick message to say thanks for everything. 

I know I’ve got a few more weeks before I leave but would have probably never got around to sending this email. So, thanks for everything you’ve done for me/us. You have definitely been the best IT support bunch I’ve worked with. If I can ever give some sort of testimonial before I go just let me know.

11th June 2018

You are a genius Dave - thank you very much!!

7th June 2018

This is great!
Thanks so much for all your time on the phone last night about this too. 
Im not in the office today but wanted to let you know I've seen this and I of course very much appreciate all your help. 

1st June 2018

Thanks Gents for getting straight on that.
Perhaps I shouldn't have put 'easy' in the title ;-)

Much appreciated.

1st June 2018

Last day at work for me so just wanted to say cheerio and thanks for all you have done, both at work and at home.  Hopefully I can still call evolvit if I get any problems at home!

30th May 2018

Yes all up and running - thank you very much

16th May 2018

Perfect thanks so much for this new built area it is amazing and everyone in Sales will be so happy :)

12th May 2018

As today is my last day with HCA, I would like to thank you all for all your help, and patience, over the years. It’s been great working with you and wish you all the best for the future.

27th April 2018

I’ve received this fine and thank you for doing this so quickly.

18th April 2018

Just wanted to say thank you for all your help, it’s greatly appreciated.

5th April 2018

Thanks for all your hard work and fast response, it's very much appreciated

28th March 2018

Perfect working now.

13th March 2018

Perfect thank you

7th March 2018

Thank for doing this :) 
Have a great weekend x

23rd February 2018

Thanks for your super speedy reply

8th February 2018

Thanks for your help

31st January 2018

I am not going to lie this is brilliant ! I adore it thank you Dave :)

28th December 2017

Hi everyone at EvolvIT

Just like to thank you for the wonderful cake and wish you all the best for Christmas and a very happy New Year.

21st December 2017

Just want to say a big thank you for the Christmas cake to you and evolve, hope you guys have a fab xmas if I don’t speak to you beforehand. 

12th December 2017

Hi, Thanks for doing this, hopefully the Head Greenkeeper will be happy now.

12th December 2017


Just a quick note to say   thank you for the Christmas cake  much appreciated and at the same time  a thank you for the quality services that we are receiving from  yourselves   everyone is pleased….

Merry Christmas to you all and good wishes for the New year

11th December 2017

To all of you wonderful chaps at EvolvIT

Thank you so much for our Christmas cake it was received with open arms today from the wonderful Thom.

It is very kind of you and will be well received and eaten fast.

Thanks for everything you do for us over the year especially from me and my team as you have made our department much slicker in its processes thanks to you all.

I love working with you all, Dave H can be a pain sometimes  kidding love ya really.

Lots of love
Kirsten xxxx

9th December 2017

Usual professional assistance from Evolvit. Thanks

8th December 2017

10+ great service and very quick. Thanks loads.

5th December 2017

thanks very much for doing this - really appreciate it.

27th November 2017

Excellent customer service !!

24th November 2017

Thank you excellent service as ever :) x

14th November 2017

Thank you for your help.  I just wanted to say thank you for managing the switchover so well.  I am receiving lots of compliments from very happy staff in the support that you are giving them.

13th November 2017

Superb thanks you were a star :)

23rd October 2017

Ticket resolved quickly

20th October 2017

thank you for your support

12th October 2017

This is fantastic I cannot thank you enough. It is exactly what we need, used it already and perfect 

6th October 2017

Excellent problem solved, thank you

27th September 2017

Thanks Thom excellent service

20th September 2017

Lovely Dave thanks

18th September 2017

Thanks again for your help. Should have realised that this was an Exchange email address!!! Superb support once again!

18th August 2017

Seems to be working ok. Thanks EvolvIT for your extreme patience and support.

20th July 2017

Excellent, super efficient and perfect as ever ;) 

19th July 2017

Thanks for your mega patience getting this sorted out

18th July 2017

Very helpful sorted issue quickly

13th July 2017

As ever, perfect. thank you very much

10th July 2017

Good quick resolution of problem.

16th June 2017

Thanks EvolvIT. The new machine is in place and up and running

14th June 2017

Brilliant thanks for sorting so super efficiently quickly

12th June 2017

Fab as always - thank you

6th June 2017

thank you for sorting this out

19th May 2017

Perfect thank you - amazing as always

3rd May 2017

Quick and professional supply and installation. We were kept well informed. Thank you.

3rd May 2017

Very helpful service as always.

24th April 2017

Hi Guys, thanks for sorting this out. Checked at Club this morning and all fine. Evolvit does it again!!

19th April 2017

Thanks for all of your efforts on this TT.

18th April 2017

Brilliant! I've always said Dave is a genius.

18th April 2017

Excellent service !

18th April 2017

Thank you lots :)

10th April 2017

Thanks for everything as ever you are always very kind to us here and I know we do give you some work.

Have a happy Easter as well stuff yourselves with Chocolate I intend doing so.

7th April 2017

Many thanks, sorted quickly!

6th April 2017

great support. the problem was resolved without any delays.

4th April 2017

great support. the problem was resolved without any delays.

4th April 2017

Very good, as always.

28th March 2017

Thank you for your efficient service as ever

13th March 2017

Excellent help and support from EvolvIT.

IT support with a human face!!!

6th March 2017

Solved the problem efficiently, thanks

23rd February 2017

Thank you so much Dave, this is amazing

11th February 2017

Great work Adam, thanks for your help!

25th January 2017

Thanks for your help with my PC – it’s definitely a lot healthier now!

18th January 2017

Quick response and resolution. Big thanks.

11th January 2017

Internet is working much better for us I'm happy to say, thanks for all the work. 

9th January 2017

Just wanted to say thank you from all at Artworks for the lovely cake you kindly gave us at Christmas. We held a company raffle and I know that the lucky winner was very pleased to win it! 

9th January 2017

Excellent response from Evolvit. Issue resolve.
Many thanks.

Happy new Year from all here

6th January 2017

Just a quick email to say thank you very much for your help, assistance and patience over the year. I would like to wish you and your family a very Happy Christmas and New Year. 

23rd December 2016

I just wanted to wish you all a very Happy Christmas  and wishing you a happy, healthy 2017. 

Thank you for all of your help throughout the year – I look forward to working with you in 2017. 

23rd December 2016

Thank you very much for the Christmas cake.
More importantly, thanks very much for all of your help and support with our projects over the year and we look forward to 2017. It’s good to know that we have people like you, who know their stuff, behind us. It makes us look good!

21st December 2016

Sorry you got accosted by the Jelly beans and thanks for the lovely cake! Hope you have a great Christmas and see you in 2017!!

21st December 2016

Mmmm Yum yum thank you for cake x

21st December 2016

Merry Christmas to you all, all the best for 2017. Thanks for everything, you guys are ace 

21st December 2016

Many thanks for your Christmas wishes and for making me giggle with your videos!

21st December 2016

Thank you for all your support! 

Happy Christmas to the whole team – We hope you manage to have a well deserved break! 

21st December 2016

Excellent quick efficient service as ever! 

28th November 2016

Good evening all

I just wanted to drop you an email to let you know that Phil has been great today on his visit with us. He was so efficient and dealt with everything we asked of him and above and he is so informative. He was great with Dylan and our new IT member Maria and offered them a lot of support and guidance too.

Nothing was too much trouble for him at all.

Just wanted to let you know.

17th November 2016

As always, Evolvit comes to the rescue. Friendly supportive staff who have time for their clients. Well done.

10th November 2016

The support was great and I can now access the Nas drive - thanks

4th November 2016


21st October 2016

Thank you for this that is great :)

21st October 2016

Thank you everyone

19th October 2016

Your engineer was very helpful on site and had good face to face customer service skills.

12th October 2016

Thanks again for your great support!

28th September 2016

Thanks for sorting out the problem swiftly

27th September 2016

Excellent support to complete quite an intricate and laborious ticket regarding an Outlook365 permissions request.
Good discussion on phone regarding how best to complete the ticket.

27th September 2016

Many thanks for explaining in simple terms that I could understand.

15th September 2016

Excellent thank you so much for such quick efficient service as ever :)

15th September 2016

I have met your latest employee and he has improved my laptop briliantly, fantastic acquisition!!!,

I am really pleased with the result, and do you know, he took one look at my right hand monitor at the office, said the resolution is poor, and within seconds improved it, now how is that for service.

I have been really impressed with your company!

14th September 2016

Great – thanks for the quick response 

13th September 2016

We do all love you for it and you always make our days and bring the best excited feelings in our tummy’s and smiles on our faces.

9th September 2016

This is a company that really delivers top quality service with considerable expertise

9th September 2016

A prompt fix. Thank you and well done.

1st September 2016

Amazing! Brill, fab work, love it. :-)

17th August 2016

Thank you Adam for sorting out the scanning on the printers for us. very much appreciated

10th August 2016

Thank you Dave for your support and doing what you have.

8th August 2016

As soon as I met Dave Blackhurst I knew I was meeting a thorough professional.

Pretty quickly I decided I wanted him to call into my office and talk to him about taking over my companies’ IT Support.

I am so glad I did!!!

My previous IT support company were pretty good, EvolvIT take this competence into another world.

Everything they have done for me to date has been done efficiently and affectively.

Every time they have said they will do something they have turned up on time, and delivered on their promised service with real competence, and minimal disruption.

They are truly experts in their field, and give me enormous confidence that my IT in my office, and eventually in our Taunton office is in very good hands.

The team that both Dave's employ are really good.

Even working remotely, and accessing our IT remotely, you feel the person supporting you is actually with you in the office.

I would highly recommend any business to look to get EvolvIT to look after their IT needs. 

15th July 2016

You all worked hard on this. Many thanks.

13th July 2016

Thanks for the prompt response

7th July 2016

Hoorah - keyboard and mouse fully functioning!

15th June 2016

Very quick reponse

9th June 2016

Thanks for the speedy service, 1st class service.

26th May 2016

Superb service as Ever thanks

18th May 2016

Thank you so much for your help! Don't know what I would've done without you :-)

28th April 2016

Looks like it's working - Hoooray you are a genius.

12th April 2016

Excellent thanks, you are the best :)

8th April 2016

Excellent slick superb efficient service as ever thank you SO much

30th March 2016

OMG this is simply the most amazing thing you have ever done for us in our system I am made up thanks Dave tried tested and perfect :) 

30th March 2016

It's a great service 

23rd March 2016

Quick and efficient support. Really pleased. Thank you

21st March 2016

Superb cheers for sorting this Phil you are a 10 out of 10 Star :)

16th March 2016

Saved my bacon, thank you

29th February 2016

It is a pleasure with you guys because you always sort things out in a friendly and professional manner

25th February 2016

Thanks for doing this, it should make my life easier going forward!

19th February 2016

I hope you are well. Its been a week now since you did all the data transfers etc, and without wanting to tempt fate – the system is working really well, very fast and an big improvement on the past. 

Thanks for the effort that you put into getting it right, quite a challenging exercise!!

26th January 2016

Thank you for explaining it so well to me, I just let Jo know so fingers crossed it works from now on.

Ta lots :)

14th January 2016

I am aware of a lot of traffic and tickets flying around currently being instigated by our company whilst we bed in some new staff and internal processes.

Just a quick e-mail to pass on my thanks to you and the EvolvIT team for their courtesy and assistance.

14th January 2016

Really great help. Explained everything in a clear manor and was really professional. 

7th January 2016

Nice easy one, Happy New Year to you all.

30th December 2015

thank you so much for the amazing cake, we are half way through it already with very few people in the office!

21st December 2015

A rapid and helpful response! 

14th December 2015

Sorted within seconds thanks as ever

14th December 2015

Thanks Dave, Your help much appreciated

27th November 2015

Thanks for the quick response!

27th November 2015

Thanks for the amazing service :)

26th November 2015

Quick and efficient. Thank you very much.

25th November 2015

As you know I’m leaving today. Just thought I’d drop you an email to say thanks for the help over the years and I always enjoyed working with you on things and developing the website. 

It’s not always straight forward, as the website is very complicated and your knowledge has always been much appreciated as I’m no coder myself. 

All the best for the future! Thanks again. 

24th November 2015

Thanks Dave

Excellent as always!

17th November 2015

thanks for sorting out so quickly :)

10th November 2015

Yep... all working now Dave... many thanks to all in EvolvIT for your assists in this matter.

5th November 2015

Fantastic, thank you

16th October 2015

Thank you for your help :-)

13th October 2015

This is simply the most amazing thing ever love it it works it works well thank you SO much indeed

13th October 2015

First class support, thank you.

12th October 2015

Thank you so much for your help and also for your patients with me yesterday. I realize that I was the most crazy women alive for a period of around 5 hours, whilst trying to fix my error! You guys are great!! Don't know what I would do without you!

30th September 2015

Excelent, thanks for the speedy response

26th August 2015

Perfect, thank you very much

19th August 2015

Cheers Dave H and Thom for all your help working this weekend to install new systems

15th August 2015

Fantastic, thank you so much Thom. That was causing me such issues, can't believe how quickly you fixed it!

27th July 2015

Thank you, first class as always

24th July 2015

Thanks for being my brain!

15th July 2015

Hi Guys
Just a quick one to thank both Dave H and Adam for your help this morning.
The archive of 4D is all done now and complete.
Pat was able to connect to TeamViewer after you guys working your magic.
Thank you very much!

14th July 2015

Wow thanks again for tip top service as ever! You are on fire you are that quick :)

30th June 2015

Fantastic explanation, I understand perfectly.

24th June 2015

Fixed issue really quickly and all resolved

24th June 2015

Just a quick email to thank you for your assistance yesterday with installing FileMaker onto David Rolfe’s laptop. 

23rd June 2015

Thanks again for sorting the extra license and advise you of the great job that the IT guys done. 

29th May 2015

As we have finally both of the Intelligent Golf touch screens working satisfactorily, I feel it necessary to write to you to thank you and all of your staff at EvolvIT for the help, advice and guidance in enabling me and the club to complete the project.

During the time line of the project a number of issues were raised that were not foreseen such as the ACT access control software update, rehosting of our domain name through to our two legacy touch screens not being compatible or of high enough resolution. All of these issues were dealt with by yourself and your EvolvIT staff in a most professional and forthright manner and the club and its members are extremely grateful.

On a personal note, it has been reassuring to me to know that if I required external support, you were always at the end of a telephone to offer a helping hand were needed and I thank you for that.

This has been an interesting period for the club and in the knowledge that our IT support is such excellent hands, we can now look forward to obtaining the best from our new Intelligent Golf club system.

28th May 2015

Excellent! As ever thank you for your help

25th May 2015

This is fantastic and I cannot thank you enough for doing this

15th May 2015

Always Helpful!

8th May 2015

Thank you for your patience lovely :)

7th May 2015

I am so happy, everything is working brilliant.  Thank you both for your help.  Hopefully I won’t need to contact you again too soon

30th April 2015

All looks to be fine now. Thank you

30th April 2015

OMG it is working wonderfully at the moment, so quick.
Thank you for sorting for me.  

28th April 2015

Brilliant !! thanks for your help

17th April 2015

Excellent work Dave, thanks for your patience

16th April 2015

Oh thanks Dave you are the best J

Thank you SO SO SO much I owe you !

8th April 2015

This piece of development is excellent and exactly fits the brief that I set.

Thank you so much for creating so quickly

31st March 2015

OMG this is AMAZING I love it tried and tested and perfect just what we need. 
You are so flipping amazing :) and very clever. 

Thank you SO much from me, Alex and the whole Client Support Admin Team 

30th March 2015

An efficient and fast service as always!

19th March 2015

Thank you so, so much for sorting this out for me and Richard. Simple when you know how.

19th March 2015

Thank you for your patience lovely

19th March 2015

Thank you so much for today and all of the information you have given. 

18th March 2015

Thanks! Just sorted out Raquels, so much easier!

18th March 2015

Thanks Matt, excellent work as always

6th March 2015

Awesome - thanks for resolving so quickly

18th February 2015

Super efficient as always

16th February 2015

Thank you as ever for your help this is now fully understood.

12th February 2015

Usual high standard - thank you !

6th February 2015

Excellent Service.
Thanks you for all of your help

29th January 2015

Thank you for doing it so quick :)

29th January 2015

All set up phone set up pc set up loving your work

13th January 2015

Just  a quick email to thank you for the Evolvit Christmas cake which arrived last week, a little battered courtesy of the postman, but still very tasty.

Thanks again and have a great Christmas and happy New Year.

24th December 2014

Happy Christmas to you all and thanks for ALL of your support you are all truly amazing and sorry for probably being the biggest pain in the whole wide world J

Have a great new year!!!!

23rd December 2014

Just to say Merry Christmas and hope you and your family have a good Christmas. Also thank you very much for all the support, help and assistance you give to me over the year. Thanks again and Merry Christmas.

23rd December 2014

Thanks for the email .  Merry Christmas to you all and thanks for all your help and support over the years. All at SouthWestLaw

23rd December 2014

Happy Christmas to you all!

Thanks for all your help over the year!

23rd December 2014

Just a quick note to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Many thanks for the Christmas cake – we will dig into it tomorrow as we wind up (or down) before the break. 

23rd December 2014

Thank you very much for the Christmas Cake, very thoughtful of EvolvIT to send us one (it will go lovely with a cuppa!)

Thanks for your work through the year and support for quick fixes, it is very much appreciated

I hope you have a restful holiday 

17th December 2014

Just wanted to say thank you very much for the cake – it’s already all gone! Delicious.

Thank you very much for your continued support. If I don’t speak to you before, Have an excellent Christmas and New Year!

All the best

17th December 2014

Thank you for the Christmas cake, I am really enjoying a piece every afternoon with a cup of tea.

I hope you all have a fab Xmas and New Year.

15th December 2014

Thank you for all the help!

Quick service as always

15th December 2014

Same to you guys, I think there are only a few of us having to work on Xmas day so hopefully we will not have to call Nathan in the middle of eating his Xmas turkey.

Look forwards to downloading your cake – many thanks J

12th December 2014



12th December 2014

Thank you Dave, Darren, Matt, Dave H, Nathan and Thom!

The cake is lush!

12th December 2014

Thank you Happy Christmas to you ALL…..

Thanks for the cake and have a great Xmas all.

Hope you enjoy your break and thanks for all of your wonderful help always you are all AMAZING J xxxxxxx

12th December 2014

Merry Christmas to you all and thank you for another year’s excellent service, don’t know what we’d do without you!

Hope you all have a fab break, and all the best for 2015

12th December 2014

Oh wow thanks guys this is amazing so kind of you – Thank you for ALL of your help every day J

12th December 2014

Awh thank you very much! Hope you all have a lovely Christmas, looking forward to receiving our cake!

12th December 2014

Thanks for the cake from all us lot at Chase Templeton :)

12th December 2014

So speedy and helpful.
Thanks so much!!!

12th December 2014

Thanks for all your support this year, couldn’t have done it without you!

Thanks for the cake it’s good!

12th December 2014

Thanks for your help Rebecca is very happy.

She gave 10 / 10 for this excellent service.

11th December 2014

Thanks again for the Christmas cake guys, sorry couldn't wait to eat it so this was what was left when I managed to get a pic!! Was yummy!

8th December 2014

Cheers for sorting sorry this was a nightmare to sort as ever very thankful Nathan

6th December 2014

Perfect thanks Nathan as usual you are always so efficient.

I will let you know if anything else is needed.

25th November 2014

Sorted quickly and efficiently. Thank you

25th November 2014

I cannot thank you enough for this amazing new option it is really great and works to perfection as ever you and your team are amazing.

20th November 2014

Very good and efficient

10th October 2014

Thanks for the prompt service

14th September 2014

As always, dealt with request quickly and efficiently.

10th September 2014

As ever you are simply the best team for IT Support ever and without you we would be lost and I would leave

2nd September 2014

Nathan has worked tirelessly on this problem to get a good result. Many thanks, appreciated.

15th August 2014

Excellent work, I know I can always trust you to do a thorough job and not give up!

12th August 2014

First class, as always.

1st August 2014

Thanks for patiently helping me out with this, all seems to be working fine this morning.

28th July 2014

AS ever your service is amazing thanks for sorting this out can confirm all working - you are simply the best 

16th July 2014

Thanks so much Dave as ever 100% excellent efficient service from you and your team.

14th July 2014

Fast & efficient resolution of our latest challenge!

2nd July 2014

Super speedy! Thanks

25th June 2014

thanks guys - got to the root of the problem and sorted it...!

25th June 2014

Quickly sorted out the problem. Thanks Tom. 10 stars for me :)

23rd June 2014

Thanks a lot.

Really appreciate having you on our case. Great to have experts on hand.

17th June 2014

Thank you - I've just run it and it all looks to be ok. Thanks loads!

12th June 2014

Thanks a lot David. Have logged in successfully. 

Great to have the 30 days set.

Really appreciate having you on our case. Great to have experts on hand. 

10th June 2014

Fast & efficient resolution of our latest challenge!

5th June 2014

I just wanted to thank you for all your expertise, help and assistance with our recent Due Diligence exercise with a major insurer.

As a large corporate their procedures and regulations were obviously a lot more stringent than ours as a small company, and with your help we have managed to pass with speed, and flying colours.

3rd June 2014

Excellent Evolvit are pure geniuses

12th May 2014

Thanks. It not until something doesnt work you realise how much you depend on it. Great result

8th May 2014

After putting a proposal forward to EvolvIT to finish a database I had started they were quick to help. Matt responded promptly to changes we had requested and is extremely helpful. Our database is now finished and we are all extremely happy with the end result. Thank you Matt and EvolvIT.

2nd May 2014

Also, just to mention that Nathan, Dave H and Thom have been great with our support so far. Obviously you are also included in that too Dave B =0) 

10th April 2014

Excellent Evolvit are pure geniuses

8th April 2014

Excellent thanks Dave and Matt, this flexible approach has really helped us as a business and i appreciate your commitment to solving the issue.

8th April 2014

Fantastic job thank you :)

2nd April 2014

Superfast fix! Thanks

2nd April 2014

Fab. Thank you Dave for your quick response.

14th March 2014

Fast and helpful - many thanks!

6th March 2014

Thanks for your help, its so good to have you at the end of the phone and you always sort me out so quickly

25th February 2014

It’s been a pleasure to work with you and your team, many thanks for all your help

28th January 2014

Thank you, first class service!!

2nd January 2014

Just to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year  and to say thank you once again for helping me out with all my queries and problems over the Year.

 Have a good break. Thanks

23rd December 2013

Hi Guys

I was up playing golf this afternoon and saw that the on screen golf presentation was indeed working as requested.  Thanks for your help, hopefully playful fingers will leave it well alone.

Thanks again

18th December 2013

Thanks for the Christmas cake from you all

Have a good one and thanks for everything and hope you all have a fabulous time this Christmas and a very prosperous new year!

17th December 2013

"Just to let you know today is my last day at John Hodge. Thank you for putting up with my questions during the time you have been working for us! 

Good luck for the future!" 

10th December 2013

Brilliant, as always. The guys are always very friendly and helpful.

2nd December 2013

Always very helpful and quick to respond thanks for your excellent help as ever. Thanks

2nd December 2013

Nice to speak to someone who is so switch on!

29th November 2013

Always 100% excellent customer service and always makes me happy :)

11th November 2013

Brilliant, as always. You are always very friendly and helpful.

8th November 2013

Thank you for following this up and your patience

5th November 2013

Speedy resolution as always!

4th November 2013

Hi Guys

Looks like everything is coming through without any problem now. 

Many thanks for your help earlier...it is much appreciated. 

Speak soon

16th October 2013

That is exactly what we wanted

Thank you very much!

10th October 2013

Oh thanks guys you’re the best!!

30th September 2013

Thanks for your excellent advice as always!

19th September 2013

"An amazing team of professionals...."

Dear All,

Just a quick note to say thank you.

I have worked often now with both 'Dave the boss', Dave H and Nathan and you
are all extremely patient, professional and competent.

An excellent service is consistently provided by your fantastic team.

Thank you

17th September 2013

Just to say EvolvIT have worked really hard here the last couple of days, despite being messed around and having to do more than what we thought they have carried on and worked their magic as always, it’s really appreciated.

So big thank you to you!

13th September 2013

I would like to thank Dave H for all the help and assistance he gave to us and especially to me when we moved offices, Dave helped me plan and ensure that everything was thought about and dealt with all the way through the process. The actual move on the day ended up being a bit of a disaster which caused problems and inconveniences for Evolvit. However, Dave and Nathan were still there to assist us right through until everything they had to do was done. We do not know how we could have managed without them. Thank you very much to both of you. We have worked with Evolvit since 2002 and have always found them to be extremely helpful and reliable.
Thanks again.

11th September 2013

Over the last few weeks we have been working with Chase Templeton to bring over sets of data from businesses they are acquiring as a part of their growth strategy. This bespoke exporting, converting and importing has to be prepared and completed in extremely tight timescales - working into the small hours or over weekends is not uncommon.

So it is always nice when you receive a mystery package in the post to find 6 bottles of wine to say thanks. 

Thanks Chase Templeton, when is the next acquisition, we are getting thirsty already!

29th August 2013

EvolvIT received the following comment after recovering some vital company data: "Legends! Great work guys. We (Jen) owes you all a beer!

6th August 2013

Just to let you know that two of the Hosts have come back saying how great the new site looks and works for them…… that’s really nice to hear so thank you very much for your hard work.

24th July 2013

Thanks for a great and prompt service.

18th July 2013

Just to say thanks to all the team for all your IT support during my years at Chase.

9th July 2013

To all @ evolvit.Not sure if anyone has said thanks, but from all the Duty managers, many thanks for all your help when we've been on shift. All the best.

19th March 2013

Hello EvolvIT. It’s my last day at Frendoc next Monday and I wanted to thank you for all of your help over the past year or so. I appreciate your patience with my complete lack of technological know-how. Thank you!

14th March 2013

Thanks EvolvIT, not a clue what you had to do, but it works and I'm happy!

23rd February 2013

Just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for the support you have given me during my time at theIDLgroup. It really has been great, and not only have you always helped out, you’ve taught me along the way.

21st February 2013

EvolvIt has played an integral part of the expansion of our company, without out the constant friendly help supplied from the EvolvIt team, our database would not be where it is today. Being able to work on the database whilst it is up and running and other members of our office are using it, has meant our business has never had to stop to allow changes to happen. It has contributed to a 33% increase in profits since the implementation of the Bespoke database and I would highly recommend their high standard of service.

8th November 2012

I am self employed and have taught myself the basics in Filemaker which I've been using for a number of years. It has been such a relief to find EvolvIT and have their expert support. I have found EvolvIT to be very knowledgable about Filemaker and has been able to advise me on how to improve my database. EvolvIT has then gone ahead and created layouts and written scripts to help automate actions I've had to do by hand and has integrated my database with my website. I am very appreciate of all the work and practical support I've received. Thanks Evolvit:)

28th September 2012

Many thanks for all your hard work developing our quotation system. You listened to and understood our requirements exactly and the end result exceeded our expectations. You attention to detail before and after the updates filled us with confidence and the transition from one system to the new enhanced system was seamless. Thanks once more.

24th September 2012

Thank you very much for your work over past few days we seem to finally have a faster relative tablet which people can use – hurrah!! Don't know about you guys but I am having a large alcoholic beverage tonight!!

21st September 2012

Please let everyone know that I am very grateful for all your companies input in helping me get to where I can use all my I.T stuff perfectly. Please pass this message on to all

5th September 2012

A HUGE thank you to all of Evolvit for your help over the last 2 years! A great bunch of lads!!

18th July 2012

Thank you so much for the new claims section in the database. You have made our lives fantastic :) XX 

9th July 2012

Just to say thanks! Just run the whole programme and all perfect! Cheers.

13th June 2012

After a user lost an important file and saving him hours of work which EvolvIT recovered: "you are a genius!

1st June 2012

Thank you very much for your efforts, its much appreciated.

31st May 2012

That's fabulous, Hugh.....thank you so much for getting it up on the site so quickly! Hope we'll see you on the day!

28th May 2012

Thank you for all your help and getting my camera working! You get the gold star of the week.

25th May 2012

"Oh thanks guys, you are truly the best IT guys in the whole wide world!"

17th April 2012

In respect to filemaker database developments helping users be more efficient,

"Thanks for all your help on this guys myself and Cara really do appreciate your help making this easier as the number we deal with now has trebled if not more than that!"

5th April 2012

Thanks you have saved the day again!!!

29th February 2012

Thanks for your help with the boys from EvolvIT, they did a tremendous job.

28th February 2012

ur a diamond!

24th February 2012

Thanks very much for setting up my Chase e-mail account.

1st February 2012

Yes thanks for your help, I knew you could do it.

24th January 2012

It's...it's...brill!! Really great! Loaded Skyrim and it did an automatic graphic choice and set it to 'Ultra High Quality'! I thought "That's the one for me..!!" Hasn't even paused or slowed. Thank you guys, you've done an amazing job!

23rd January 2012

In relation to the turn around time of a request for a new network user to be setup:

"Super speedy."

20th January 2012

Just a quick note to say thanks for completing the ‘Update’ page here. I think it makes us look much more professional as a company.

18th January 2012

In relation to some lost data which required recovering: 

That is brilliant - it has given us just the info required! Many, many thanks. Hope I won't have to ask you to do this again!

16th January 2012

Morning EvolvIT! You have saved the day again as the laptop now works (I took battery out etc). Thanks Sam.

12th January 2012

Thanks for your advice which I will heed.

12th January 2012

Just to say thank you very much for all your support you have given me with both personal and work related computer problems and queries. Hope you have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. All the best.

23rd December 2011

Will do, thanks EvolvIT. You’ve saved me about half hour a day!

22nd December 2011

Merry Christmas to you all too, have a good one :-) Thanks for everything in 2011!

22nd December 2011

Merry Christmas guys , thanks for your support this year & all the best for 2012!

22nd December 2011

Happy Xmas to you all and Happy New Year - enjoy the festive period and thanks for everything throughout the year you are amazing!

22nd December 2011

The computer seems to be a lot better now thanks.

16th December 2011

Thanks guys! Appreciate your help as always.

5th December 2011

You are a Star and they should write songs about you!

23rd November 2011

We are back up and running now my lovely!

22nd November 2011

The way you have set this up for me now is much better. It makes saving / moving the document a lot easier and quicker. Thank you.

17th November 2011

Thanks guys! Found what I needed know so thank you for doing this so quickly.

17th November 2011

Hi guys, many thanks for setting up the new computer, all seems to be fine.

15th November 2011

May I take this opportunity to personally thank all the EvolvIT team for all the help you have given to me over the years and wish Evolvit continued success for the future.

15th November 2011

After an important file went missing, Evolvit were able to recover the file with a fantastic response from the end user: "Thank you again, again, again."

14th November 2011

Ah, nice one! Having a superclean calendar makes me freakishly happy! Fanks!!

11th November 2011

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, I’ll make sure the kettle is on.

10th November 2011

Yay! It’s fixed! Thanks guys, you’re star's.

8th November 2011

Thank you for all of your help :-)

4th November 2011

Leighton said to one of our support staff after helping to fix a problem with one of their company machines "awesome! you are unbeatable!"

3rd November 2011

Thanks for sorting, appreciate your help as always.

4th October 2011

Thanks EvolvIT for your help and patience! All seems to be working fine now.

30th September 2011

Everything ok - printing well - many thanks.

15th September 2011

Many thanks for your quick response.

14th September 2011

In relation to a programming adjustment made to a database report for a client to show two new products and also adding two new sections within the database:

"Thanks. As always you are amazing.................Have a good weekend"

1st September 2011

Thanks so much for getting me back on line with Organise It so quickly today. Really appreciate not getting too far behind. Best Wishes.

31st August 2011

I am just writing to thank you for completing my out of office changes so promptly which was very late notice on my behalf.

8th August 2011

love the support ticket system.

2nd August 2011

Thank you for doing this so quickly. All the updates are correct on the website.

27th July 2011

Thanks for all your help this week, you are all an invaluable service to our business.

15th July 2011

In relation to ordering some keyboards through EvolvIT:

"Yes! They arrived this morning very speedy."

14th July 2011

Hi EvolvIT,

Thought I would email to say thank you very much to you and the team (especially Dave H) who helped sort out the nightmare on Friday.

I know Dave had to cancel a personal appointment after work and he was here well past 5 on a Friday which I know for a fact any other company would not have been prepared to do. Dave left the office within about 5 minutes of me calling and Matt kept us up to date on his progress coming in.

All in all top class service which we know we always get from Evolvit. All of your efforts are really appreciated and it's nice to know we can rely on you all.

11th July 2011

We where taken back with the friendly and supportive manner in which you dealt with us and it has left us with a greater faith in the IT community.

24th June 2011

Nice one guys - worked perfectly and yes, you do have to say "yes" to set up without SSL twice. Thanks for your help. Cheers."

13th June 2011

Yeah, thats great. Looks like it is actually working now - much appreciated. I will use it this morning and give you a ring in the afternoon to let you know how it is.
Great, thanks for your help - v. quick and efficient.

31st May 2011

After being severely unsatisfied by a lot of web hosting companies over the years I’ve been amazed by the excellent service provided by EvolvIT. They’ve been quick, efficient and reliable. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.

12th May 2011

Thank you for fixing my email and email signature…you really are STAR'S!!

5th May 2011

Hope you had a good weekend. Thanks for your help with the internet and laptop, it is now working successfully.

3rd May 2011

Superstar, thank you

28th April 2011

After replacing the clients old server with a new top of the range IBM Server:"Thanks for your help looks as though things are now up and running so thanks for all your help."

24th April 2011

In reference to the work we have undertaken to assist in setting up email on a Blackberry: "Hi, Thanks for your help – works perfectly now."

20th April 2011

In reference to the work we have undertaken on the www.weston-super-mare.com site: "Thank you ever so much for doing that it all looks great and much appreciated. Have a lovely day."

14th April 2011

Thanks all for clarifying matters – I was concerned for a while. EvolvIT – it’s good to know that the backup is monitored by yourselves.

5th April 2011

Thanks for getting our PC sorted out so quickly – really appreciate your help.

25th March 2011

Hi guys, I think we are there with making my Iphone e-mail work correctly. Certainly I can delete messages now and send them too. I really have appreciated your help on this.

9th March 2011

I like speaking with you, your very helpful always and so nice to speak with.

15th February 2011

Hi guys, I was thinking this morning and I am very sorry but I am not sure if I ever came back to you about my daughter’s laptop. It is working fine now and I just like to say thank you very much for your help with this and all the other queries/problem you help me with. Thanks very much.

11th February 2011

Thanks for sorting everything last night and for tonight.

27th January 2011

Hi, Thank you so much for your help, I have just run it and can now use my new computer. As always you are such a great help to me.

28th November 2010

Im loving the system more and more each day, as it evolves and makes life easier - you should be very proud of your work, even though you are a geek!

7th June 2010

Hi gents, Many thanks for your help the other day with rescuing my machine. I'm very pleased to report that it's working fine now with no problems.

7th March 2010

I just wanted to let you know that I will be leaving bibic at the end of the month for pastures new. I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks so much to you and everyone at EvolvIT for all the help, support and patience you have provided me personally over the years. 

24th February 2010

Hi, Just a note to say that Derek had his conference last week and everything went well. I would just like to say that you very much for all your help and support in setting up all the stuff I asked you to help me with. I would not have got on so well with organising it if it had not been for you and your help. Thank you so much.

25th January 2010

Thank you SO MUCH for your wonderful speedy job for the charity web site. We are thrilled that you pulled this off in such short order for such a brilliant cost and it looks great.

16th October 2009

Just a quick call to say thanks to the support guys for their hard work this morning getting our laptop going.

21st August 2009

Evolvit have made the entire process of creating a new website easy and stress free. With a very complicated customised item to sell, they listened, understood and built a simple to use, customer friendly website. The follow on support we have received is second to none – allowing us to update our website quickly and easily when necessary. The care and attention to details has been superb as well as looking after our every day emails and hosting. I would recommend the guys to anyone how ever large or small your company may be.

2nd July 2009

Thanks chap – much appreciated. Signed scanned orders attached. The usual highly efficient service from Evolvit – Tops!

12th April 2009

Thank you for all of your help as usual and I think I would be lost without Evolvit.

19th March 2009

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