FileMaker User Configuration

Configuring Your Filemaker Software

Please follow the below steps to configure your FileMaker:

1). Click on your "Start Menu"

2). Click "All Programs"

3). Click "FileMaker Pro"

5). Cancel any message that pops up asking to load or create a database

4). Click on the "Edit" menu located at the top of your screen.

5). Once the menu expands please click on "Preferences":


6). Located in the opened preferences window you will see a box labelled "User Name" containing the words "Chase". Please click in this box, delete the text and enter your full name e.g. "Joe Bloggs". Once edited click "Ok":

FileMaker Upgrade 31 FileMaker Upgrade 32

This completes the configuration of FileMaker. If you have any problems at this point please speak with us where we will be happy to assist.

Thank You, EvolvIT