EFM ConnectionsEFM is much like a leased line but instead of using fibre to connect to the exchange it uses existing copper cabling – this results in much faster installation times and a greater coverage of serviced areas. You will get a dedicated 1:1 contention line that connects directly to the internet backbone with bandwidth options available from 2mbps to 10mbps. You can benefit from the flexibility of only paying for what you need and then upgrading the bandwidth at any time as your business requires.

There is no upfront cost with this product and our skilled technicians will install and manage everything you need to get you started. EFM offers great reliability with 99% uptime, but if the connection were to ever go down we have you covered with an ADSL or FTTC failover to keep you connected while we work to quickly get your connection restored.

- Reduced lead time compared with leased line
- Cost effective
- Scalable & customisable
- Reliable & Resilient
- Widely available
- No setup fee & Hardware included

For more information about our business broadband provision please drop us an email or give us a call on 0345 880 4554